3-D Ray mirror
Palazzo Dress Mirror
Ray Dress Mirror.
Circular Basic Ray Mirror.
Square Basic Ray Mirror.
Circular Ventana Mirror.
Octaganol Ventana Mirror
Square Ventana Mirror.
3-D Ray Mirror
Deep Ray Mirror
Circular Ventana Mirror.
Delgado Range
Delgado rectangular.
Circular Delagado
Square Deep Ray mirror.
Circular Ray Collection.
Square Ray Collection.
Oval Palazzo Mirror
Rectangular Palazzo Mirror


By intricately cutting each piece of glass by hand, every mirror shimmers and sparkles, reflecting the changes in light to stunning effect.

The Palazzo mirrors take their inspiration from the classic Venetian mirror, but with giving them a contemporary twist, any of the three different styles will add a touch of romance and glamour to any room.

For the more minimalist taste is the Ray mirror, available in various styles. This method of glass laying, provides amazing light reflecting qualities.

The Ventana range, is a contemporary classic Margin mirror in three different shapes.

The recently launched Delgado range, is an elegant new addition with functional design and an art deco feeling.

All these mirrors make a stunning statement to enhance your interior and can be made in any size or colour.